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A Word of Advice


Provost, Executive Vice President, and WSU Pullman Chancellor

Elizabeth Chilton

Welcome to the Cougar Family! I know you will find excellent opportunities to engage in a variety of high impact experiences during your time at WSU—including conducting research with our stellar faculty, study abroad, internships, and community service. These experiences will inspire you and help prepare you for your career and your life ahead. My advice is to visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and talk with a peer mentor who can provide valuable advice and ideas to enhance your experience at WSU, inside and outside the classroom. Go Cougs!

Student in International Business

Roma Samala

Congratulations, Cougs! As you anticipate your first steps here at WSU, step forward with courage and an open mind. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, embrace discomfort, challenge yourself and have fun! Every nook and corner here is filled with opportunities waiting to be seized. Find ways to get involved, talk to your professors, pick up a weird hobby, join a club, volunteer, just don’t stop pushing. Explore your identity, pursue new interests, and take advantage of the exciting and unexpected experiences that come your way. Most importantly remember that you’re a part of the Coug family, a community that will root for you, support you and help you throughout your journey here.

Associate Professor, College of Education

Zoe Higheagle Strong

Congratulations on making it through one of the most difficult times as a student due to multiple pandemics. Gratitude, humility, and persistence are three qualities that can carry you through future challenges and accomplishments. If you embrace these qualities as a Coug, you will find joy, laughter and calmness regardless of your circumstances. These qualities are key to learning, finding your identity, dealing with mistakes, opening doors for your future career,  and making new friends that may not look or think like you. I wish you the very best Coug experience!

ASWSU President

Jacob Martinez

Congratulations on becoming a Coug! To have a fun and exciting experience here at WSU, get involved! There are plenty of opportunities where you will meet your lifelong friends, and do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. These next four years will go by in the blink of an eye, so enjoy every moment of it. During these years you will succeed, but you will also fail. Cougs help Cougs so don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. As always, Go Cougs!

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Ellen Taylor

Welcome to the Coug family! It is undoubtedly exciting and maybe a little bit scary to be here. Your journey will be like that of the many Cougs before you and it will be unique to you at the same time. I encourage you to embrace the comfort of spending time with familiar friends and activities while seeking opportunities to truly explore your own identity, pursue new interests, and meet people with different life experiences, world views, and ideas. Finding a balance between the familiar and the unknown will provide a college experience that will prepare you well for your future. Lastly, make time to take care of yourself. You have what it takes to be here and our entire community is ready to support you along the way. Be well, and as always, Go Cougs!


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