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A Word of Advice


Kirk H. Schulz

Welcome, Cougs! You’re about to launch the adventure of a lifetime. My advice is simple: get involved. Whether it’s academic or extracurricular, actively participate in your WSU experience. You’ll gain a sense of belonging by getting to know other students. You’ll pick up valuable insights by soaking up knowledge and advice from our faculty. And you’ll open doors to opportunities you never imagined. So dive in!

Provost and Executive Vice President, WSU Pullman Chancellor Designate

Elizabeth Chilton

Welcome to the Cougar Family! I know you will find excellent opportunities to engage in a variety of high impact experiences during your time at WSU—including conducting research with our stellar faculty, study abroad, internships, and community service. These experiences will inspire you and help prepare you for your career and your life ahead. My advice is to visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and talk with a peer mentor who can provide valuable advice and ideas to enhance your experience at WSU, inside and outside the classroom. Go Cougs!

Student in Biological Sciences (Ecology & Evolution option)

Isabelle Busch

You’re a Cougar now–embrace it! Explore campus, sit next to someone new, and try out a club or two. Getting involved is the best way to become part of the WSU community. Be a driven student, but make sure to make time for friends and balance academics with social time. Speaking of which, on your way to class, keep an eye out for wildlife: I’ve seen herons, hawks–even foxes! You never know what critter you’ll see.

Associate Professor, School of Music

Melissa Parkhurst

My advice to new students is to remember that you belong here.  It’s normal for college to feel strange.  So, reach out to your neighbors, practice “assertive friendship,” and take advantage of this time for new experiences!  This is how you can find what brings you joy and how it can serve the world around you.  We have more to fear from our inhibitions than from our vulnerabilities.  Also, the faculty and staff are here to help you succeed at WSU.  When problems come up, don’t suffer in silence!  We’ve got your back.

ASWSU President

Brian Patrick

Congratulations on making it to WSU! What’s next? Get involved. Find your group. Be yourself. These years will go by quickly so take advantage of all the different opportunities that are available. Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re a part of the Coug family and everyone is here for you.

Vice President of Student Affairs

Mary Jo Gonzalez

Whether you live in one of our residence halls, participate in an intramural sport, join a student organization, or serve as a volunteer in our community, Student Affairs is here to help you on your unique path to graduation. As a proud Coug alumna who earned two degrees as a first-generation college student, Latina, and single mom, I am honored to welcome you to our Cougar Family. As always, Go Cougs!

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students

Jill L. Creighton (she/her/hers)

Welcome new Cougs! It’s my pleasure to be one of the first to congratulate you as embark on your collegiate journey. Get involved, explore your identity, try new things, act with courage, and find your squad. There’s a community for you here and the Division of Student Affairs is here to help you make the most of your new experience. If you need extra support along the way, please stop by the Office of the Dean of Students any time.


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